Understanding Off Axis Torque

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This is a video to explain what Off Axis Torque is, what it looks like and how to prevent it.

8 thoughts on “Understanding Off Axis Torque

    1. Lucas Arnold (lucas99801)

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      An unclean release is normally due to a finger or knuckle pushing up or
      down on the disc, causing the OAT as described in this video.

  1. Haha. Explation. Great video though. This happens to me a lot with
    midranges as it can be hard to get a knack for releasing them correctly. 

  2. during your no-OAT throws, you can clearly watch the plane of the disc
    change significantly, yet the disc does not flutter. Anyone else notice

  3. The correct answer includes both points of view expressed above. Namely,
    you can ride your bike without your hands due to the fact that when moving,
    your bike has a vertical position as it’s most stable equilibrium. This is
    both due to the fact that fast spinning wheels have rotational inertia –
    meaning that they would much rather stay spinning in the same plane than
    tilt, and due to the fact that bikes usually have a front wheel ‘fork’
    designed in such a way as to reinforce this vertical equilibrium. Discs get
    lift and stabilization from Bernoulli’s principle the wing of a disc acts
    the same as a jets.

  4. Huh. Well, I was almost sure the reason I flip discs so hard is because of
    OAT, but now that you say there’s going to be flutter it makes me pause.
    Here’s me driving: watch?v=RSthMcOiWAw I don’t seem to almost ever get
    flutter, but I feel like I’m “palm upping” during my follow through and
    getting OAT.

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