3 thoughts on “Stockholm disc golf open 2010 Round3 pt2

  1. @lcgm8 Shit, Ill do it. But they need to know what to do before sending me
    the video. So that problem don’t persist. Also, Ive been doing it for
    years. Its a piece of cake when you know what your doing. Right click
    individual clips and on the bottom is re-sample option.

  2. @Mikezilla77777 I have no option for re-sample whatever it means. That is
    JR’ s style to film. I cropped a lot. How much more of cropping you think
    keeps the quality high? That would have been too much work. Anyone wanna do

  3. Someone needed to turn off re-sample before they rendered this video. Bad.
    More Zoom woulda been good. Editing was low quality. But footy for learning
    what im doing wrong on my drives. A+ for teaching. THANKS!

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