8 thoughts on “Nate Doss Hole in One on SportsCenter HD

  1. Congrats to Oregon’s own +Nate Doss for making SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays
    of the week with his final round lead-off ace at this year Memorial
    Tourney!!! Go Nate! Go disc golf!

    1. I love how one guy says, “love me some frolf” then in the next airing the
      reporting emphasises “DISC…golf”

    2. Yeah, I’d bet $100 that guy doesn’t know there’s actually a difference
      between Frolf and Disc Golf (yes, “Frolf” is a real thing).

  2. I dont think they understand how crazy of a throw that is. Deserves better
    than 10 but atleast we are on the list.

  3. Flight Risk DiskGolf Team

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    HD version 3 times with 3 commentators.
    Honestly I could watch that incredible shot a few more times heh heh. Great
    shot Nate! plus you got us 20 seconds on SportsCenter. Thats a win win in
    my book

  4. For those having trouble understanding what he’s saying..”Professional
    Frolf Player Nate Doss Curls it in for a Hole in One!!” translates to
    “Professional Disc Golfer Nate Doss Hyzers it in for an Ace!!”

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