5 thoughts on “MVP Inertia Distance Driver Disc Golf Disc Review

    1. I find MVP plastic to be plently durable. Maybe not the most durable
      plastic on the market but certainly lasts a while. I have never had to the
      replace an MVP disc due to wear.

  1. DiscGolfCentral

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    Honestly you should do a showcase video of all of the discs you’ve dyed
    yourself, I’m thinking about dying my discs and Im figuring out ideas, and
    it would be a pretty cool video

    1. thanks for the suggestion, I could probably do a quick video showing off
      some of my dyes even though I have already sold or traded lots of discs
      that I dyed. I have been considering dying my intertias as well so maybe
      Ill do some designs on them and then make that video. Cheers

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