5 thoughts on “Innova Blizzard Champion Golf Disc Review: Wraith and TeeDevil

  1. I traded somebody for a blizzard wraith a while back. Although, im not
    exactly sure on the weight. It doesnt float, so its at least a little
    heavier than yours but if i had to guess i would say it is prob in the
    150’s. Anyway, what im getting at is that even though the disc is pretty
    much brand new, its uber flippy for me. Ended up having to get rid of all
    my lightweight blizzards a while back, which kinda suprised me cause i dont
    have that big of an arm (can only drive a little over 300′).

  2. The first run blizzard plastic had bubbles in the flight plate. Most of
    the blizzard being made today has no bubbles in the flight plate. Some
    still have but most don’t. I find the 139 or low 140s tend to be
    understable. There is also a considerable difference. depending on if its
    flat or domey. Flat, light is less stable 

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