How To Throw A Disc Far

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Learn the way to throw a disc removed from World Champion Disc Golfer Avery Jenkins!





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13 thoughts on “How To Throw A Disc Far

  1. I am a backhand thrower and I can throw about 350′-400′ but I have trouble
    with keeping my disc level and not dying down to the sides. It’s hard to
    find advice for backhand throwers.

  2. I’m having issues with my drives going too high in the air no matter how
    straight my arm is. It’s costing me lots of distance- I barely throw 200.
    It’s fine on wide open holes but holes with trees where you need a lower
    straight drive it hurts. Anyone have pointers?

    1. For one, make sure your arm truely is pulling flat across your chest. Most
      people are suprised at how their pull is going from the hip up until you
      tell them/show them what they are doing

      If your pull really is flat then the problem is that you are releasing the
      disc nose up. The front of the disc out of your hand is pointed up, causing
      the disc to gain height quickly, loose its momentum, and fade out of its
      flight. Good drives are released nose down and fly lower and more straight
      for a long time. There are a lot of different factors that contribute to
      getting the nose down, but some key ones are grip, hand position on the
      disc, and wrist angle at release. Its also very difficult to get the nose
      down flight to do anything you get enough spin/power on the disc. The best
      thing to do to practice this is to throw a bunch in an open field with no
      baskets. Just keep throwing and studying other players technique until you
      are getting flat, low, powerful drives

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