The European championships 2014 Part 2

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The European championships 2014 in Onex, Switzerland proper subsequent to Geneva had temperate climate with not an excessive amount of wind to problem the gamers. The scoring unfold is just not too large for an opportunity of modifications in positions to be potential despite the fact that Simon Lizotte has lead to date. The lead shouldn’t be completely safe with Seppo Paju having charged arduous on yesterday with the up to now greatest match of the tourney. Also within the chase are the reigning Finnish champion Pasi Koivu and distance throwing

3 thoughts on “The European championships 2014 Part 2

  1. There was a slight mistake in the commentary. When the commentary said that
    i am in the picture it was actually Jonas. I am in camo clothing. That is
    what can happen when trying to make the videos ASAP. We cannot cross check
    everything and me and the CCDG guys have never met in person.

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