6 thoughts on “Dynamic Discs Judge Putter Review

  1. i used to have the judge and i traded it in to a friend of mine because i
    couldn’t get the hang of this disc. for me it keeps fading left pretty hard
    and that’s from my experience of using it. my friend on the other hand when
    he tried it he liked it, maybe its because i’m releasing it too late or too
    early. or it could be the beads that this disc has i am not really sure
    what it is.

    1. No I plan on fiming some reviews this week on my days off hopefully. Been
      pretty busy and its getting into the rainy season here in oregon which
      slows down my testing.

    2. Thats cool, my kid brother lives in Corvallis and said he was hopingbto
      play some disc in the first snowfall…thanks for your great review’s and
      the videos…

  2. brandon bourque

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    I like the zone in pro d plastic and I find that it’s pretty firm. The
    judge that I tried was like a brick compared to my zone, hehe. Wasn’t sure
    if the was a harder line of plastic than the classic. Thank you for the

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