5 thoughts on “Dynamic Discs Emac Lucid Truth Midrange Golf Disc Review

    1. In the future It would be much more helpful to be constructive instead of
      hateful and needlessly negative. It is really easy to forget that people
      making videos on youtube are human beings and human beings respond much
      more to respectfully constructive criticism. To be honest I pretty much
      immediately disregarded your comment based on the way you went about
      attempting to convey your point to me. The positive energy I get from my
      viewers keeps me going with this channel and makes it really easy to forget
      people that are negative and hurtful like yourself. Cheers

  1. Horrible review. How about instead of tell us about how flawed the review
    process is do right and then review. You spent more time thanking people
    and bullshitting than saying anything constructive. 

  2. Chris Arnett, not sure why but I cant seem to answer your comment directly
    but hopefully you see this. The Tresspass and Escape have been in my bag
    since the first rounds I carried them on. Not sure about any other molds
    just yet. Next I wanna try the tresspass and escape in other plastics.
    And I havent tried any prodigy plastic other than the 2 I reviewed. 

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