5 thoughts on “Discraft elite Z Buzzz SS Golf Disc Review

  1. Ryan Hatzenbeller

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    meteors are insane. they just glide forever. i let them go and i’m like
    jeeeeeez, stop. STOP. STOP! well, there goes the basket, stop, stop COME

  2. Well I had an amazing x buzz that was my favorite midrange. It was an ace
    disc and had a sweet full color stamp. Sadly I lost that so I experimented
    with the ss. I ended up going back to an X buzz but it was just not the
    same so I ditched it.

  3. In the eight months old video you talk about how you wanted to get an X
    Buzzz again and now three months ago you want to trade it away =P Nice
    thing with a hobby of some sort though :)

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