Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: The Anhyzer Shot

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Disc golf coach Mark Ellis and professional associates train you concerning the trickiest shot you want to succeed: the anhyzer.

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3 thoughts on “Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: The Anhyzer Shot

  1. Thanks for the video series, guys. I am, however, a little mystified by
    this particular video in that, other than some disc selection tips, there’s
    very little about how to actually, well… throw an anhyzer. A little
    detail on the mechanics (e.g. grip, approach, arm, disc and wrist angle,
    wrist snap or lack thereof, etc.) other than “thumb down” (whatever exactly
    that means) would be very helpful.

  2. lol, I consider that an insult against the wildcat : P I use it for super
    long S-bend shots, but I found an old elite z plastic one used. Picked it
    up cheap and haven’t found anything else that flies that far for my
    experience level. I may try a flash if I ever lose her. Not a lot of
    drivers that are High speed understable, and low speed stable-overstable.
    Wildcat fits that bill for me. 

  3. “A disc (as it beats up) is worth MORE than the thing is brand new.”

    ….until G-Star plastic, that is.

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