Disc Golf Putting Follow-through Exercise

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A really brief demonstration of a easy train to follow correct follow-through when placing in disc golf. To learn a written rationalization of this train, and why follow-through is so necessary to correct disc golf placing method, go to frisbeebrain.blogspot.com and look within the archives for the

8 thoughts on “Disc Golf Putting Follow-through Exercise

    1. Adrian, thanks for the question. That’s the point of the exercise- to get
      almost all the momentum of the putt from the followthrough. You’d wouldn’t
      actually putt like this- it’s just an exercise to get the feeling of how
      much good followthrough can add to your putt in terms of power and accuracy.

  1. @GPKIII69 – What made you think I wasn’t using putters? Of course they are
    putters- all Aviars, in fact. Check out my show with Avery, Nate and Val on
    YouTube at theDiscmastersTV channel. You might like those better.

  2. i agree that muscle memory is a huge part of putting. but the fact that you
    are not using putters is asinine. why would you recommend to people to use
    drivers while putting overall it would mess them up when they are out on
    the course.

  3. @GPKIII69- That’s not true at all. The exercise is to develop the muscles
    and muscle memory that help you to consistently follow through all the way
    with your putting motion. The fact that the discs differ in weight by a
    gram or two or are different models doesn’t matter at all in this case.

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