4 thoughts on “Disc Golf: Innova Deluxe bag review

  1. Nice review! Considering this bag, I want the grip but I’m not sure it’s
    worth 190 dollars, even though I pretty much use it every day. This one
    might be a good alternative!

  2. Joe Clifford Faust

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    DGN, just wanted to tell you that your comment about hiking shoes is one of
    the best pieces of DG advice I’ve seen here. I switched from tennies to
    hiking shoes two weeks ago and it’s make a huge difference in my game. My
    DG gang thinks I’m a little nuts, but you can’t argue with results.

  3. I would bet it would make it more understable. My buddy had a disc that his
    dog bit and it was pretty much useless after that. But it was a big dog and
    the bite poked a hole in the flight plate. I guess go toss it and see how
    it does.

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