5 thoughts on “Disc Golf In the Bag Review Disc Golf Nerd

  1. great in the bag video…In a few weeks I will be posting my first in the
    bag video….ive been playing for 6 years now and switched to an all
    trilogy bag a little over a year ago….how many discs can u fit in the
    gateway bag now that it is broken in? I have been rockin an innova deluxe
    bag for years but I am thinking about getting the gateway backpack….keep
    up the great videos

    1. Thanks!, Let me know when you post you in the bag I would like to check it
      out. I switched from the innova deluxe to the Gateway backpack myself. I
      really love the bag and I am very happy with the upgrade. I have a review
      on the bag where I show you how many discs I fit in it. Right now I have 6
      putters, 4 mids, and like 8 drivers and there is still room to spare. I
      would say it maxes out around 20.

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