Disc Golf: Historic Aces and Ace Runs

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There might be little or no additional thrilling in disc golf than a Hole-in-One! Except maybe a NEAR Hole-in-One! Here are some clips courting once more to 1999 the place our prime disc golfers have crushed the chains or quite a few totally different parts of the aim. Enjoy! –The DGPtv Team

8 thoughts on “Disc Golf: Historic Aces and Ace Runs

  1. Everytime I see the guy tell Climo to get his disc… “Hey, Climo, go clear
    the basket so I can lay this shot up.”

  2. oh yeah and by the way if you hit a ace in this years majors you made
    15,000 dollars yeah they dont have any pressure. And just so you know the
    tournament payout for this years japan open yes I said JAPAN was 4,000,000
    yen which gives the winner about 8000 dollars of winnings yep they make no
    money. Thats why we play tourneys just like golfers play tournaments for
    money. And if disc golf is so easy lets play a round for money just bring
    your wallet.

  3. I dont disagree with the statement that both of these sports are SPORTS
    which means that both take athletic movements to be good at it. I have
    played disc golf for 17 years and have not gotten one ace hit the basket
    and chains 29 times but no aces. I have played ball golf for just just as
    long and have gotten three aces so by your logic ball golf is easier right.
    And as far as the money payed to golfers were do you think that they get
    there money not from winning tournaments but from sponsors think about what
    happened to tiger woods. The fact of the matter is that disc golf IS the
    fastest growing sport in the world right now and if you look you will find
    more and more players playing disc golf than golf. In a matter of five
    years there will be tournaments on espn. If you dont believe me then just
    think of this it took ball golf till the early 2000s to have a dedicated
    channel on tv for there sport. the sport had been around for over a
    hundred years by then. Disc golf has its own internet tv channel and guess
    what it has only been in existence since the 70s. HMMMMM looks like disc
    golf is here to stay!

    1. discgolferfromaz

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      +sage novak
      I know a guy named Greg hardy who has the same number of deflections with
      an ace (4)….. so i guess your dad shares the record

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