Disc Golf Drive Clinic with Jay “Yeti” Reading at

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You never know when lightning will strike… but it’s sure lucky to have a camera rolling.

While filling in for a no-show Pro with an impromptu driving clinic, Jay “Yeti” Reading and Disc Nation’s Zach J. laid out some of the most amazing form demonstrations we’ve ever seen.

Yeti was a college

3 thoughts on “Disc Golf Drive Clinic with Jay “Yeti” Reading at

  1. Most of this video is great, I will add though, that pivoting on your heel
    is a great way to injure your ankle or knee. I have years of dance
    training, and that is one of the primary reasons dancers (and skaters,
    which he references) pivot on toes. Where you pivot has absolutely no
    effect on your speed. Your center of gravity does. You can rotate with just
    as much speed on a straight leg on your heel as you can on your toes with a
    bent knee as long as your center of gravity remains over your pivot point.´╗┐

    1. Great advice. Most disc golf pro’s are on their toes for most of the
      x-step/run-up and transition into the heel at the end. Speed isn’t the
      goal, but rather to transfer the weight. You can’t transfer weight if you
      are flat footed and spinning on the heel, you have to start with the toes.

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