7 thoughts on “Disc Golf Disc Review: MVP ANODE Putter

  1. Michael Maniloff

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    Recently picked one of these up and I agree, it’s a great disc. It catches
    chains so well and really flies through the air. Really loving the anode. I
    feel very comfortable with it as my go to putter.

    1. Right on, glad to hear you are enjoying your anode. I was a huge magnet
      guy and I still love and carry Soft Magnets but once I started using the
      anode for approach and putting I have greatly improved my putting and
      Improved my overall short range consistency. The only Issue I have with
      the anode on approach is overshooting the bucket since they just love to
      keep floating.

  2. I wish they made a soft neutron plastic, I just got a neutron anode and I
    like it, but soft neutron would be even better.

    1. Hey there, thanks for the great info. I have a young lad (2 years old) I was winderong if it would be ok to bring him? I would bring a stroller to push him in as i’m sure it would be too much walking. I am more worried about him being a little too active (or loud) for other players. What do you think? I haven’t played before but I am very interested in joining in

  3. I have very little experience with ions so I cant really help you there too
    much except to say the ion is a bit more stable I think.

  4. March 18, 2012 Throwing Style: RHBHYears Playing: 2.8Average Distance: Inside 100\’ My Anode is 172g regular Proton plisatc. It feels great in my hand and the grip is fantastic. Some people may call the plisatc slippery, but I don’t find that to be true at all for me. I actually find the grip better on the Anode than on the Magic that I used previously.For putting, this disc is a true point and shoot disc. It goes very straight. I like that in my putter because I can go confidently right at the basket to make putts.My only knock on the disc is that it has more fade on approaches than I like. It fades pretty hard on approaches inside of about 150 .On drives, the Anode will not turn at all. It holds hyzers, anhyzers, and straight lines pretty much all the way to the ground. Only on very shallow anhyzers will the Anode fade out of it and it will only do that if it is given quite a bit of height.This is a great disc. I am so glad that I bought if when I was in search of a new putter.Was this helpful? 2 0

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