4 thoughts on “Disc golf disc Review: Gateway Disc Sports Samurai high speed driver

  1. I did the art for these! Gateway sent me a jillion of them as payment! I
    like them for long hyzer/arc shots.

  2. Landon Lockhart

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    I’ve typed in the name of so many discs I want to see thrown and you simply
    can’t find a video of it.

  3. Landon Lockhart

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    Nothing against you. That would be a good niche to fill. I type in the name
    of discs because I want to see their flight pattern when thrown correctly
    and I can’t find that anywhere on YouTube. I think you would get a lot more
    subscribers and views. Obviously you would get a lot more idiots telling
    you “you suck, I can throw that disc 600ft” but they are lying and probably
    kids anyway.

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