Disc golf disc Review: Discraft Paige Pierce Titanium

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A evaluation of the brand new Titanium Paige Pierce Stalker by Discraft. I may also examine the Ti stalker to the Z and Cryztal stalker.

4 thoughts on “Disc golf disc Review: Discraft Paige Pierce Titanium

  1. Hmm that is a tough one. Never really heard of a disc becoming slippery
    over time. Maybe try washing it with some hot water and soap or maybe some
    rubbing alcohol? Maybe it has some kind of oil on it. Good luck.

  2. TheBossDiscGolfer

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    Disc Golf Nerd, I have a disc that became very slippery. Any tips on how to
    make it gripier so it won’t slip out of my hand and cause me to miss my
    putt? If it helps it’s a Pro-D Soft Magnet.

  3. Heh yah I hear ya, not sure what they were thinking making discs in colors
    like that, Might as well make a supercolor buzz in realtree camo.

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