7 thoughts on “Closed shoulder snap drill

  1. I understand what you’re trying to say, but the wind is unbearable. This
    could be a class ‘A’ video without a constant blowing into the speaker.

  2. Thanks for the video.

    Is this maximizing torque by waiting for your body to catch up with your
    ARe you waiting to get into an ideal position?
    The shoulder if flapping around a lot wouldn’t, of course, be in good
    position to release frisbee.

  3. good intentions for sure. if you really wanna get good at disc then get a
    friend and play catch with a xd or aviar. throw backhands and
    flicks. just keep backing up. do this before every round if you can. I
    can play catch for hours. this guy is way to tight in the video. you
    gotta lay back. 

  4. this man has good intentions but needs better location ,camera, and mic to
    make his lesson clear. I quit watching as soon as the kids starting

  5. I can’t wait to get out tonight and try this on the course. Through all the
    videos I’ve watched and online tutorials I’ve read, this is the first I’ve
    seen this concept explained so clearly with the beginner in mind. I’ve been
    trying everything and still can’t get a disc 200 feet. Tried this method in
    the yard last night (muted a bit since my yard is small) and really
    understood for the first time the concept of snap and how to generate it.

  6. Ryan Hatzenbeller

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    I just picture the neighbors sitting out back in lawn chairs getting
    pissed. BAM! BAM! Discs just smacking into the fence. Then one comes
    sailing over.

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