Advanced Frisbee Throws

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Learn the best way to throw in all probability probably the most advance disc throws by Brodie Smith.
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Chicken Wing zero:05
Dad Backhand 1:26
Push Pass 2:12
Bowling Throw three:05
Upside Down Backhand three:37
Seabiscuit Throw 4:05
How To Skip The Disc 4:22
The UnNamed Throw 5:01
Air Brush Mack 5:19
Kick Pass 5:34
2 For 1 Hammer 6:09
The BOGO 6:22

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3 thoughts on “Advanced Frisbee Throws

  1. I do one like the chicken wing grip but you get low and level out the disk
    so that your wrist looks like you are holding a pizza. I’ve always called
    it a thumber but I don’t know if there is a technical term. You can huck it
    pretty far though.

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