2015 Disc Golf Aussie Open – Final Round Front 9

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It’s the first PDGA Major of 2015 and the world’s first Major in the southern hemisphere!

The SpinTV was on site at the event to bring this play-by-play coverage from the final round of 2015 Aussie Open with Paul McBeth, Simon Lizotte, Ricky Wysocki and Dave Feldberg on the lead card. This video shows the events of the first 9 holes of the final. The SpinTV’s own James Thomas and the 2015 Aussie Open Event Organiser Chris Finn provide their insight on the commentary track.

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6 thoughts on “2015 Disc Golf Aussie Open – Final Round Front 9

  1. Trent Blakeslee

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    I love random woman with a dog on hole one there’s something you don’t see
    at Augusta National

  2. Really challenging course with some very tough-to-hit, bottleneck-like
    fairways. Great coverage and good job in getting across the skill level

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