2014 U.S. Disc Golf Championship: Final Round

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Only 18 holes keep inside the 2014 USDGC, and solely a stroke separates Paul McBeth, Will Schusterick, JohnE McCray and Patrick Brown from one another. Will McBeth seize his 1st U.S. title, or will Schusterick declare his third? Do McCray and Brown have what it takes to hoist the trophy for the first time? It’ll all be decided Oct. 4 contained in the ropes of the Winthrop Gold course in Rock Hill, SC.

Music: “Cycles” by Jason Shaw ()


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10 thoughts on “2014 U.S. Disc Golf Championship: Final Round

  1. Funny watching this as someone outside the sport, it is hard to take it
    seriously, compared to other sports, even though there is no logical reason
    for this at all; no reason it differs or is any less serious than anything

    1. +Mike E Why is that? On the surface it looks like a joke sport, which I am
      sure other people think as a first impression, but its an unfair assumption
      based on popularity and cultural bias for other sports, or what sport is.
      Got it?

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