2014 Tennessee State Disc Golf Championships: MPO

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With solely 9 holes remaining, Joey Lutz holds a Three-stroke lead over fellow Chattanoogan James “Snappy” Cole. They’re joined on the lead MPO card by Zach Melton, Rodney Goad, Dutch Napier and Tim “Tic Tac” Owston. The motion takes place on the Cherokee Disc Golf Course in Morristown, TN.

2nd digital camera: Carmen McGee.

Music: “Under the Stairs (Instrumental Version)” by Josh Woodward ()


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3 thoughts on “2014 Tennessee State Disc Golf Championships: MPO

  1. Is Rodney from Murfreesboro? Or did he used to play there a lot? I think
    we used to run into each other pretty much every day. He was good.

  2. So your telling me you use a picture camera to get quality like this that
    is crazy, I was looking at getting a cannon g30 for video but shoot maybe
    I’ll look into the 6d a bit more 

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