2014 Midtown Chiropractic Raleigh Disc Golf Championship

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Lead card MPO movement from the last word round of the 2014 Raleigh Disc Golf Championship (launched by Midtown Chiropractic). Competing on the Buckhorn (Harris Lake) Disc Golf Course in New Hill, NC, are Nate Sexton, Michael Johansen, Terry Gallops and Brian Schweberger. The finals have been held on July 20.

Videographer: Net Poser

Producer/Editor: Marty McGee

Music: “Golden Sunrise (Instrumental Version)” by Josh Woodward ()


Disc Golf Center:
Innova Disc Golf:

3 thoughts on “2014 Midtown Chiropractic Raleigh Disc Golf Championship

  1. Nice video as always Marty. Cool Google Earth pull-in. Where’d you get THAT
    idea? 😉

    Man, I have about 5 NT event playoff videos sitting in my “unpublished
    videos” folder. Wish I had the time to get to them. But that would stop me
    watching your videos!

    Despite major ankle surgery in March, I’m currently sitting 16th on the
    National Tour, with 2 less rounds than most players, and 2 Majors left to
    play. Got my eye on the top 8 at National Matchplay.

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