2014 Disc Golf European Masters

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Here we go! The SpinTV brings you the exclusive play-by-play coverage from the final round of the inaugural Disc Golf European Masters from Järva DiscGolfPark, Stockholm, Sweden! The European Masters is a new PDGA Major for the 2014 season, played on one of the best courses in the world and featuring the expertise of tournament organizer extraordinaire Jussi Meresmaa and his team, making it definitely one of the most professional tournaments this sport has seen to date.

Commentary for this front 9 video is provided by James Thomas and our special guest commentator Eric McCabe.

Going into the final round the scores are the following:
Karl Johan Nybo (DEN) -28
Paul McBeth (USA) -26
Ricky Wysocki (USA) -24
Nate Doss (USA) -23

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs

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6 thoughts on “2014 Disc Golf European Masters


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    This production is very professional: filming, commentary, course,
    graphics. Really watchable! Thank you and I hope to see more coverage of
    this caliber! It’s ready for major TV coverage!

  2. I’m not sure why McBeth takes heat over some stuff. He is passionate about
    the game. He’s also a class act. He did commentary on a tournament he just
    lost in a heartbreaking fashion. And, at 9:40ish here he even took the bag
    off his kid caddy’s back. I like the dude. All the top players today seem
    to be really top cut folks. 

  3. geez gang. no love! Ball Golf / Disc Golf / Foot Golf / Mini
    Golf…….whatever. Take it easy and just play whichever one makes you
    most happy.

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