3 thoughts on “2010 Monkey Island Open | Disc Golf exhibition

  1. 1.) I hate snow and I would play in this…dedication is dedication no
    matter the conditions. As all the players that played in this demonstrated.
    Adapt and overcome 2.) Y’all aren’t very talkative. Why not? Is it usually
    that quite in comp? 3.) Is the weather usually like this for this comp? I
    looked it up on PDGA and it says this years was postponed, so I was just
    wondering. 4.) Thanks for all that sacrificed to make this. I appreciate it
    as I am sure others do as well~

  2. If this wasn’t a DD event, there would’ve been 4 players there total. The
    car in front of me on the way to Emporia that day lost control and spun
    360s across the oncoming lane. It was cold but at least it was windy. Also
    there was an Okie wearing shorts.

  3. cghtarheels4286

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    I bet you it was colder than balls outside that day. Couldn’t imagine
    playing in that, looks kind of fun though.

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