6 thoughts on “2008 Ace Race: 4 Disc Golf ACE Hole in One Shots

    1. actually skip aces would count in a tourney. You play from where the disc
      comes to rest so if it skips in the basket and comes to rest in the basket
      it counts as an ace. Ive seen quite a few pros hit skip aces in tournaments.

  1. This would be nice.. If you were on a real course.. That has holes varying
    from 250-950 feet. not 171 feet. My local course are mainly flick holes,
    varying from 300-600 feet, I’ve aced from 300-400 feet. 171 anyone should
    be able to do..

  2. true that man but this video is crap and an ace is one shot per hole not
    throwing til you get one like the owner of this video does

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